When it comes to your retail space, there’s a lot of thought that needs to go into the design. You’ll want to create an atmosphere that is consistent with and fitting for your brand, and create a floor layout and visual presentation that will best display and highlight your merchandise.

Should you have multiple retail spaces, it’s also important that there are enough similarities between each design that your brand is evident and the space is familiar to customers, no matter which location they are shopping at.

Retail Store Design

Here at CVC, we are experts on maximizing floor space and creating a strong brand, regardless of how large or small your space is. Whether you are working on a brand new retail space or revamping an existing one, let the experts at CVC help you make the most of your space and brand.

The First Step In The Design Process

Before we make any plans or changes regarding design, we have to have a true understanding of your brand, your space, your buyer persona, and your mission as a business. And here at CVC, we know that the best way to grasp what your business is all about is to talk with those who know it the best and see it all first hand. And who knows your business better than you?

So, we’ll spend some time listening to your challenges and frustrations, and discussing your goals and your brand. We’ll also spend a great deal of time walking through your space and evaluating the different areas (including the retail/selling area, the operations area, and the warehouse area).

Things We Look At

When working with a business on design, we look at a few things, including:

  • Overall Atmosphere/Brand Presentation – One of the most crucial parts of designing any retail space is ensuring that the feel or atmosphere of the space is congruent with the brand message and feel. When we work on the design of your space, we take into account the type of client or customer you are trying to attract, the visibility of your logo and brand throughout the space, and how you want the message of your business and brand to come across.
  • The Amount Of Space Needed For The Given Merchandise – The amount of space and the layout of your space will depend greatly upon what type of merchandise you are displaying. This is one of the many reasons why we don’t provide boilerplate design plans – instead, we can help you divide up your selling and non-selling space according to the nature and size of your merchandise, as well as customize your floor plan to best display the products that you are providing as a business.
  • The Departmental Breakdown/Interior Wall Layout Required Of The Floor Plan – Different merchandise requires different layouts, and this largely determines the overall departmental breakdown of your space. Some of your departments may require a more open space, while others may need to be more secluded for the best visual display. You’ll also want your interior walls to guide the customer experience. We’ll look at the current flow of your space and evaluate how much it hinders or enhances the overall customer experience.
  • Lighting & Electrical Layout – Some things in your space may not be able to be easily changed or cost-effective to change, and may create challenges when redesigning. Things like lighting grids and electrical layout may be limiting your design choices, but whether we’re creating a layout from scratch or revamping your existing space, we can help you put your merchandise and brand in the best and most flattering light possible.

Creating or Improving Your Store Layout

Once we’ve carefully evaluated all of these things, we’ll make suggestions on how to improve your customer’s experience and better display your brand throughout your space. From traffic flow to individual department displays, we’ll provide suggestions and solutions that will ultimately enhance your entire space and boost the experience of your customer.

We’ll provide a floor plan with our suggestions and guide you as you make the necessary changes to your space.


Another important money-saving part of owning and operating a retail business is knowing how to properly manage inventory and merchandise. In our 30+ years of industry experience, we’ve learned how to maximize profit and minimize waste, by keeping inventory costs low and making smart choices in regards to merchandise.

We’ll look at what merchandise is underselling/underperforming and help you make wise decisions in regards to what you keep in your inventory. After all, product that sits in your warehouse simply takes up space and ties up cash flow. We’ll also help you create a clear plan for knowing when to pull underperforming merchandise out of your selling space.

It is during this part of the process that we will rely heavily on salesperson experience and feedback. They can be your eyes and ears and help you identify what it is that your customers want and what they can do without.

Warehouse Design

We also understand how important the warehouse floor plan is and how a good warehouse layout can enhance the efficiency of your organization. Our goal is to help create a warehouse layout that is organized in a way that maximizes your space and efforts. Wasted space means wasted time and wasted money, none of which you can afford to lose as a business owner or manager.

Organizational Efficiencies

Here at CVC, we know that no matter how well-planned and carefully designed your retail space and warehouse, and no matter how well-managed your inventory, without proper procedures and a high-performing team, you simply can’t reach peak efficiency and profitability. This part of the process relies heavily on feedback from your staff, so we may spend a great deal of time observing and conversing with employees of all levels.

We’ll observe the way the entire organization works as a whole, and make recommendations based on the existing system and the goals you’ve presented to us as a business owner or manager. From workflow and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to hiring practices and helpful employee reviews, we can help you set up a business with minimal waste and maximum employee and customer satisfaction.

Are you ready to take your retail business to the next level? Reach CVC at (704) 425-0217, or fill out our “do-it-yourself” business analysis form. We look forward to working with you to help your business reach its highest levels of profitability and efficiency!


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