CVC Coaching Offers Group Coaching

Why this may be the right choice for you.

One of the services of CVC Coaching is our outreach group coaching done on a regular basis with the group members. The advantages of the group coaching: enables you to see the challenges that you face are not unique to you, and the coach / facilitator, along with the members of the group can offer you input; additionally, there are constantly new challenges these calls can help with; you may even find a solution to a future challenge you have not encountered before.

Some of the group coaching sessions that you can join are:

Mid-Level Management

What is a larger problem than to be placed in a position of mid-level management and to discover management challenges that will try your patience? If you have been promoted within, it can be a serious challenge to move from being just another member of the team to being the one in charge. The pressure on you to perform is greater than you might imagine. In short, mid-level management is a place in any company where failure can occur. It is the role and mission of CVC Coaching to see you succeed at your position and be with you as you move to becoming a rock star leader of a team of rock stars.

Challenges of Life and Business Partnership

Another huge challenge faces spouses that work together in the business. This can be even more complicated when you bring a son or daughter into the business. Another challenge is when your exit plan is being formulated and the partners in the business do not agree. It can be a time of high stress. It can wreck the business and it can wreck the family. It has been found at times to topple both.

CVC Coaching has recognized this issue from our deep experience with coaching clients all over the USA. This can be a significant issue which is not easy to talk about, and one you might feel few others can understand. However, the team at CVC Coaching has the experience and tools that can make this a very successful relationship.

Let’s face it, no business is worth the loss of the family union. It is a sacred relationship and it is the goal of CVC Coaching to provide the assistance you need to conquer this challenge and come out with both a successful business and family relationship.

Try It Free

One of the things that CVC Coaching firmly believes in is bringing you added value. Because of this we have structured this program in the following way:

  • We extend to you the ability to join one of our group coaching calls at absolutely no cost to you
  • After you have tried us out, if you would like to continue there is no contract. You simply pay a small monthly subscription fee that you can cancel at any time.

CVC Coaching group coaching calls are provided to you at a cost of $39.00 a month. This is for two calls a month that are recorded and accessible to you on the password-protected back page of our web site. So, not only do you have the opportunity to join these calls for free, you can replay them at your convenience. Or, if your schedule conflicts, you can still catch the initial call whenever you have the time.
We also offer discount programs for members of some trade associations. So contact us to let us know the associations you belong to and we’ll let you know if they qualify.

Want to know more?

Simply fill out the following form and one of our team members will be glad to contact you. Remember, our mission is to assist you in living your dreams, both in business and in life.


Keep your team engaged and excited by hiring a CVC coach to speak at your next sales, marketing or business event. This is a service that will support your business growth.