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Jeffrey Gitomer on CVC Coaching

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What our clients say:

When Jerry first started CVC Coaching, we were one of his first clients. We were treated like royalty and given his most undivided attention. He visited our work place, worked with our employees, and sat back and evaluated our team working together. At this time, we were somewhat broken and had several areas where we were lacking. We were a company that started out as a one man operation and went to 5 employees over a 3 year period. The one man was still working in the business NOT on the business. With Jerry’s coaching, we were able to set up some SOP’s, give guidance to our team, and analyze how we do things and why. That one man is still working in the business but has realized that there are others who can work on the business without him. We have all found our place on the team and continue to grow and succeed together!

Thanks Jerry for the coaching and the friendship!

~ Katie Maynard, The Chimney Guy, LLC, Menasha, WI

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