Greg Polakow

Greg has taught business seminars and written dozens of training-related articles for trade journals in the chimney industry about sales, accounts payable, customer service, business organization, safety and even health. In his past role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Copperfield Chimney Supply, he’s helped business owners all over the United States improve their business practices to be more profitable and have more fun along the way. He visited with customers, got to know the members of their team, reviewed their operations and rode on their trucks, all in an effort to assist the client in obtaining their business dreams.

Bob Daniels: “Greg is a natural teacher.  He is able to grasp the most advanced concepts, or to be patient and engaged covering the basics.  His anticipation and understanding of how to present information to both individuals and groups is second to none.  There is never a hidden agenda with Greg because deep inside, he is happy and relaxed. I heartily endorse Greg’s new role as an advisor and coach to chimney service management and members of their teams.”

Greg Polakow - Business Consultant - CVC Coaching

Whether writing or speaking, his single aim is to make things simple, clear, understandable, and above all, useful: Articles should be brief and to the point; Classes should be comfortable, interactive and lively. Greg has a knack for making the presentation exciting and understandable whether it is one-on-one or with your entire staff. As Greg says, “Bored people don’t learn and they certainly don’t retain the information they’ve been given…”


He earned a Masters of Education from Harvard, but he will tell you the person he is now is not something that can be attributed to any formal education. It is more a composite of all the things a lifetime of experience has taught him. It is what he learned about marketing and customer care from people like Bob Daniels in the years working at Copperfield. It is the multitude of things picked up about customer service, sales, and training along the way in a variety of teaching settings which include every grade from 5th through college and out into the world of business. It is, perhaps more than anything, a sense about people and who they are and what it is they want and need that makes him such an excellent and efficient trainer. His background teaching young people uses the same principles that will assist your team members in moving another step higher.

One of Greg’s favorite quotes about business and life comes from the scientist, Albert Einstein: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This is one of the neat skills Greg possesses, the ability to conceive and work with clients to problem solve. Solving problems moves the energy into more useful endeavors.

As Greg observes, “It’s all about thinking outside the box. What box? The cozy, familiar box of assumptions we’ve all made about life, work, relationships, etc, the box of misinformation and dogma that leads so many to mediocrity at best and failure at worst. And the beautiful thing is, thinking outside of that box is what makes life interesting and fun, and with practice it becomes a habit.”


At this point in Greg’s life what he enjoys more than anything is helping others achieve their goals. This personal preference has emerged from a lifetime of teaching, guiding, advising and coaching others. It was nourished along the way from 13 years at Copperfield Chimney Supply, a company built upon the notion of making customers successful. He has that natural passion that comes when one is intent on seeing others soar to higher levels of achievement and greater satisfaction.

We are extremely pleased that Greg is joining our CVC Coaching team. His record of success shows he will work tirelessly and effectively to help our customers achieve their goals. We know he has the knack for making this not only remarkably productive, but thoroughly enjoyable for our customers. Let Greg know how he can help you make your business the business your dreamed of the day you started it.

When you connect with Greg, you and your team may just sit back later and be amazed by all that is happening now that was not happening before. This is because Greg has a skill of connecting with people and working with each of their individual learning styles. You may look at the progress and even wonder how it happened, because Greg is saying a lot of the things you have been saying. The difference is THEY WILL GET IT. And this is the hardest part of being an instructor, the ability to have the student really GET IT and KEEP it!

Don’t waste any more time. Call us so you can benefit from the Greg magic as soon as possible.


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It has been great to experience first hand the enthusiasm/inspiration that Jerry has recently brought to my entire team. Jerry has helped put that spring back into our step, mine included. If your looking to start a business out on the right foot or revitalize your existing business, Jerry is your man, a Jerry Isenhour "Wake Up Call", is like a shot in the arm! Jerry is a true expert in this industry and is quick to identify problems/weaknesses within your organization and offer solutions for a positive direction.
~ John Luce, Owner, Luce's Chimney & Stove Shop LLC

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