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Jerry uniquely combines high level industry knowledge, decades of experience, over- the - top energy with a deep commitment to the success of others.

When I first became a sweep in 1988 Jerry was the North Carolina Guild president and my hero. Having Jerry's seemingly unreserved availability and generous support, as a rookie I felt like I could offer my customers seasoned service. Decades later Jerry has more to offer than ever. Jerry continues to do what he does best he trains and coaches. What is equally impressive is that he has assembled a team of seasoned experts/coaches that provide individual business owners the wisdom, the savvy, and the all important kick-in-the-pants motivation to see successful change take place.

Thank you, Jerry, for being such a big encouragement and supporter of my success and the success of hundreds of others over the years. It looks like your years of greatest impact are still ahead.


~ Charlie Quaile

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